Sunny After Moon


One beautiful day somewhere in the year 2011 Bart met Hans. Bart said 'you lazy fuck, wipe the dust of that guitar and start playing again'
And so they started jamming together doing Pink Floyd/Bob Marley/Manu Chao covers,
started to make own compositions and Yorick joined ranks on vocals.

With the 3 of them they played at parties and bars in and around Leuven under the name Sunny Afternoon.

Later on the idea came to transform into a real band and so it happened.

Bart switched from guitar to drums, Hans plays lead guitar, Simon joined in on bassguitar, Tomas jumped aboard doing percussion and sound effects, Sam picked up second guitarduties while brothers Tijl and Corre joined on keyboard and saxophone.

They changed their name into SunnyAfterMoon

This freshly formed band quickly finished 8 songs and started doing their first live shows which gave them very positive reactions from the crowds.

SunnyAfterMoon is writing more songs and will record a kind of demo cd later this year.

Stay tuned